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3 Piece Inverted Pendant E-19-910

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3 Piece Inverted Pendant E-19-910

Part Number: E-19-910

The 3 Piece Inverted Pendant is used in inverted E-Trac enclosed track conveyor systems and consists of 2 cast steel 'fingers' and 1 cast steel shoulder-type collar.

The fingers mate together and grip the conveyor chain axle and load pin. The shoulder fits over the fingers to secure them in place.

They are normally used in pairs on 12" centers. The carriers have holes or slots that fit over the shoulder, then a standard 1" washer is added and a 1/8 x 1-1/2" cotter pin.

The washer and cotter pin are not included. The load capacity varies based upon application.


Interchangeable with Richards Wilcox Part # 2035.01220