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Automatic Brush Type Lubricator EL-2001

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Automatic Brush Type Lubricator EL-2001

Part Number: EL-2001

The chain must be properly lubricated to ensure correct operation and chain life. An automatic lubricator is required on all systems. The automatic brush type solenoid-operated lubricator is attached to a 14" section of straight track which can be welded to any section of straight run in the system. The brush protrudes through a slot cut in the track. An adjustable screw regulates the amount of oil flow. Electrical connections can be attached to the motor leads, starter control circuit, a switch, or a timer, depending on requirements of the system. Lubricators are available for 115 volt, 230 volt or 460 volt connections. A lubricator should be installed on the outlet side of each oven, washer, dryer and degreaser. When used with an oven, it should be located sufficiently far from the outlet so that the chain is not too hot to the touch. In some applications, such as paint lines or systems with special washers, ovens and processing equipment, the use of brush oilers may not be appropriate. An automatic lubricator with lube designed specifically for these types of applications may need to be used. For further information, please contact your 1stSource Products representative. 


Interchangeable with Lauyans / Chainveyor® Part # 2040900


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