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Basic Side x Side Pusher Dog E-19-825

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Basic Side x Side Pusher Dog E-19-825

Part Number: E-19-825

The pusher dog is used in "non-accumulating" side x side enclosed track power and free systems. It connects to the E-Trac chain and pushes the carrier along the conveyor path.

The pusher dog has a connecting bar with two movable pivoting driving lugs. The pusher dog is connected to the conveyor chain by two J Hooks.

The connecting bar and driving lugs are zinc plated.

Available sub-components are:

  • E-25-003 Driving Lug
  • E-25-004 J-Hook
  • E-25-005 Connecting Bar


NOTE: Pusher dogs should be attached to the conveyor chain on centers as dictated by the system design. Changes in pusher dog spacing could cause system problems, such as dog trail difficulties, timing issues, etc. Please consult our sales team if you have any questions.