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Drive Caterpillar Chain Assembly E-12-105A

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  • E 12 105a cat chain assy
  • E 12 105 01 drive dog 1000x1000
  • E 12 105 02 roller link 1000x1000
  • E 12 105 03 connecting link 1000x1000

Drive Caterpillar Chain Assembly E-12-105A

Part Number: E-12-105A

This Caterpillar Drive Chain Assembly is used on E-Trac 6 Drive Units that consist of E-12-105-1 Drive Dog, E-12-105-2 Roller Link and E-12-105-3 Connecting Link. This assembly has cast steel drive dogs that engage and pull the conveyor chain. The Cat Chain is built out of standard heavy duty roller chain with the drive dogs attached to 6"(152.4mm) centers. It has a load capacity of 750 lbs(340.5 kg) chain pull. Most experts recommend replacing the Cat drive chain when the conveyor chain is replaced.

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