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E-Trac 6 Auto Lubricator with Timer E-13-300

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E-Trac 6 Auto Lubricator with Timer E-13-300

Part Number: E-13-300

The Automatic Lubricator with Timer is used with E-Trac 6 Enclosed Overhead Conveyor systems. The Lubricator features a timer to control the frequency of the lubricant being applied to the conveyor chain.

It comes with a 2 gallon(7.5 liter) reservoir, and requires 120VAC and a minimium of 80 psi compressed air for operation.

It comes mounted on a 24" section of track, ready for installation. The lubricator squirts measured amounts of lubricant into the chain wheels and knuckles, which helps prevent the conveyor from surging, and the product from swaying.

It helps to reduce drive power requirements and extends the life of the chain and conveyor. It reduces downtime and the manual labor normally required to lubricate the trolleys. The nozzles feature check valves to eliminate dripping. The Programmable Count Controller controls the frequency of lubrication, and the amount of lubricant applied.


Interchangeable with Richards Wilcox Part # 2035.02089