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Mechanical Lift Mini Type Using IPM Motor, 1SP-MLP-1000-810V-12

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Mechanical Lift Mini Type Using IPM Motor, 1SP-MLP-1000-810V-12

Part Number: 1SP-MLP-1000-810V-12

MAJOR FEATURES OF THE ML SERIES IPM motor Vector control Dry ball screw cylinder No oil leaks No hydraulic drift 110V single-phase power supply Built-in unit Maximum starting frequency 10 times per minute Maximum/minimum limit switch Foot switch with LED cord: 78.7” Power cord: 118.1” Enhanced rigidity with cam-type cylinder head Enhanced durability through strengthening the axis Bellows type full cover (with “J” at the end) Load Capacity: 2204 lb. Table Dimensions: 31.5” W x 41.3” L Stroke: 22.7” Table Height: 6.2” to 28.9” Duration of lifting and lowering: Approx. 25 seconds Usage Frequency: 15 times / hour Type of Motor: IPM (Interior Permanent Magnet) Deadweight: 342 lb. NOTE: This is a standard type, therefore, Bellows cannot be installed in a standard type. After the lifter powers up, the lifter remembers the maximum and minimum position based on the first signals of the limit switch. On the succeeding operation, the lifter will stop at about 0.2” lower than the maximum position during lifting and about 0.1” higher than the minimum position when lowering. When loading from the side of the table, please do so in the following manner: From side (1) load less than or equal to ½ of the load capacity (see illustration). From side (2) load less than or equal to ¼ of the loading capacity (see illustration). Few subductions will occur. The unit cannot be used outdoors, or in places that are dusty, with high temperature and humidity, or in temperatures 0 ˚ C or below. Do not carry out welding operations on top of the table.


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