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X-348 6 inch Pitch Caterpillar Chain X-348-DC-6D

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  • X348 dc 6d cat chain
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X-348 6 inch Pitch Caterpillar Chain X-348-DC-6D

Part Number: X-348-DC-6D

The X-348-DC-6D Caterpillar Drive chain (Cat Chain) powers X-348 rivet less chain conveyor systems.

Dogs are forged SAE 1045 steel, through hardened and tempered to HRC 36-40. Contact areas are induction hardened to HRC 50-55. 

This chain comes boxed in a 10 ft. section and is priced per box. 


D-STYLE CAT CHAINS - Standard caterpillar drive chains often flex backwards in higher chain pull applications, which results in premature wear on the pressure rollers. Our upgraded “D-Style” caterpillar drive chain prevents the backward flexing motion. This upgraded design will provide a much longer life of the rollers.



1stSource drawing A348-1



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