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Weldable Gate Hinges

Our selection of Weldable Hinges include Hinges for steel and aluminum gates. Weldable Hinges have a larger weight carrying capacity over hinges that are attached with screws or other fasteners.


Warning:Hinges will be severely damaged if electrical welding current is not properly grounded and will result in the warranty being void.

Damage can be caused by excessive heat or by welding current passing through the bearings. Ensure that the welding ground is always on the side being welded. Current must not pass through the bearings or sever damage will result.

To prevent heat related damage to the bearings, the welding process must be done in several small segments. Weld one surface at a time and alternate between top and bottom hinge. After each small segment is welded, the hinge should be allowed to cool before welding the next segment.

Use general field welding operations with suitable heat transfer controls. Protect hinge from weld spatter. Clean up and finish with appropriate corrosion and rust protection.

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