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Overhead Conveyor

Engineered for Dependability

We offer three main types of Overhead Conveyor; Non-Powered, Powered and Power & Free. We offer two basic track types; enclosed and I-Beam.

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Conveyor Systems

  • Tote and Carton Handling
  • Paint and Powder Coat Systems
  • Dip Tank Systems
  • Work In Process Assembly Lines
  • Tire Retread Conveyor Systems
  • Display Conveyor Systems
  • Order Pick and Packing Systems
  • Trash Systems
  • Manufacturing Assembly Lines and Testing Systems

Shipping items that are heavy and long

Items that are over 8 feet long or over 80 pounds must be delivered by Freight (not parcel delivery) and this is always at least $110 or more per shipment. If you do need long or heavy items, try ordering as many as possible to minimize your shipping cost as the freight shipping charges will be more economical if you are shipping more weight. Please call us to order items of this type.

Overhead Conveyor Load Chart

Download our Load Capacity Comparison Chart