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E-Trac 6 Overhead Enclosed Track Conveyor Equipment

Our E-Trac 6 is a 6" pitch engineered Enclosed Track Overhead Conveyor product line with a proven track record of reliable and safe productivity. This product line is built around a few standard components designed to accommodate system flexibility, ease of installation and many years of productive service. Whether your particular application is a short manual hand pushed system or a complex powered system several thousand feet long, you will find E-Trac 6 a very economical and practical solution. This product line is interchangeable with the Richards-Wilcox Zig-Zag, Twin-Trak and Overway equipment in fit, form and function.

Complete system design and turnkey installation is available.

Applications include:

  • Paint Lines
  • Finishing Systems
  • Transportation Systems
  • Storage / Accumulation
  • Production Lines
  • Process / Assembly Lines
  • Box Delivery Systems
  • Tire Retread Systems
  • Product Curing Systems
  • Garment Handling Systems
  • Trash Handling Systems
  • Tote / Carton Handling Systems
  • WIP buffer systems